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About This Website

It is a gallery of some artworks by Robert C. Peyser, and a means of raising funds for highly rated environmental charities.

Artist's Statement

To explore, to see, to imagine, and to create
With the abandon of a child, and to
Care about the world we share 
With the love of a parent.

Current Work:

• Photographing and sharing nature's healing beauty, including many overlooked, often small, beautiful details
• Raising money for charities that will help heal our world
• Creating what I refer to as "hypertography." I consider Ansel Adams to be the first true hypertographer due to his dedication to the print as "performance."
• Creating "virtual sculptures"—Works of art that express my sculptural vision but cannot exist physically in three dimensions due to the laws of physics
• Creating paintings where the subject is the life force that I perceive in the world around me rather than a mere naturalistic depiction.


Over the years I’ve worked in many mediums and methodologies. I’ve painted in oils, water colors, pastels, and acrylics; I’ve carved soapstone,  limestone, and marble; I’ve modeled water-based clay and oil-based clay; I’ve welded and brazed; I've drawn with pen and ink, graphite, charcoal (I particularly like willow charcoal). I have used computers for decades as a tool for both the imagining and creation of artworks.


I studied privately under Anthony Padavano and George Peter; I studied under Isaac Soyer at the New School in New York City; I received my BFA from Manhattanville College, and my MFA from SUNY New Paltz. I apprenticed under Seymour Lipton in New York City; I studied marble carving at the School of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara Italy, I studied printmaking under John Ross—author of the outstanding book "The Complete Printmaker;" and for over fifty years I have taken photographs and manipulated the final images to express my creative vision. I have taught art to people of all ages from elementary school children in the Scarsdale, New York public school system, to people in retirement facilities. 

Public and other Collections:

My art work is, or has been, on public display at the American Museum Of Natural History, New York, New York; the Oakland Museum, Oakland, California; the Arizona Museum of Natural History, Mesa, Arizona; the Koehnline Museum of Art, Des Plaines, Illinois; the Hartzfeld Building in Kansas City, Missouri; the Citizen’s Bank Building in Flint, Michigan; the Edgemont High School Library in Scarsdale, New York; the University of Michigan’s School of Business Administration’s Executive Education Center, and in various other public and private collections worldwide. I also helped design some early internet sites including those of  People’s Republic of China, Masco Corporation, Internet.com, WebReference.com and CoolCentral.com. Prior to that I worked on multimedia interactive design projects that were installed in the Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, Washington; and the Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Washington.

All images on this site are Copyright © Robert C. Peyser, All Rights Reserved. You may link to images on this site and/or purchase them. Other than that the images may not be published, reproduced, or distributed in print or in electronic, digital, or any other form or media without prior written permission of the artist.

From "Tree Spirit" Sculpture Commissioned by the U of M School of Business Adminstration

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